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Mobile Phone Unlocking Instructions

Every phone only has a certain number of unlock attempts you can try before the phone is hard locked. If on first attempt your unlock code does not work, do not keep attempting to unlock, contact us immediately.

This service will NOT remove any power on user codes. There is only one type of subsidy unlock code for your phone, once entered your phone can be used with any sim card, and on any GSM network in the world.

The unlock code that we send you is the only unlock code that exists for your phone. Once the unlock code is entered your phone will never re-lock even if you upgrade the software or hard reset your phone.

When your phone asks for an unlock code it is NOT asking for your personal SIM PIN unlock code. If you choose to enter this instead of the unlock code we supply, your phone will not be unlock.

We tried our best to keep the instruction as simple as possible and update our database to include all models.

If you did not find the model of your phone in our database and can not unlock with the "All other model" instruction, feel free to contact us. We will Google the instruction and email to you as soon as possible. If you see any mistake with our instructions, kindly inform us. Email us the correct instruction so future buyer does not have the similar issue as you.

How to read Blackberry MEP number:

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