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LG Mobile Unlocking Instructions

Please note that most of the time you only have to enter the NCK (Network Unlock Code), but some networks require other codes, i.e. NSCK (Network subset code), SPCK (Service provider code), CPCK (corporate code), SIMCK (Sim unlock code). Most of the time we provide all LG Unlock Codes. Use the code, the phone is asking for.

Select Your LG Model.

Other Models 1100 1150 1200 1300 230 Simple Flip 230 240 260 300
380 500 510 510W 510WL 520 5200 5220 52200 5220c
5300 5400 550 7020 710 Shine Plus 710 7100 755 800 900
Arena AX245 AX275 AX300 AX380 AX380 Wave AX500 Swift AX500 B1200 B2000
B2250 BL20 New Chocolate BL20 BL40 New Chocolate BL40 Breeze C1100 C1150 C1200 C2000
C2200 C3100 C3310 C3380 C630 C810 CB630 Invision CB630 CE110 CE500
CF360 CF750 Secret CF750 CG300 Cookie Plus CT810 Incite CT810 CU320 CU400 CU405
CU500 CU500v CU515 Trax CU515 CU575 Trax CU575 CU720 SHINE CU720 CU915 CU915 VU
CU920 CU920 VU DB210 DG570 dLite DM110 DM510 E720 Optimus 7 E720 Optimus Chic E720 E900 Optimus 7
E900 F1200 F2200 F2250 F2300 F7100 F7250 F7250t F9100 G3100
G320 G510 G5200 G5220 G5220c G5300 G5300i G5400 G7020 G7100
G810 G910 GB102 Lila GB102 GB110 GB115 GB170 GB210 GB220 Kate GB220
GB230 GB250 GB250g Madison GB250g GB255 GB255g Madison GB255g GB270 GB280 Barbie GB280
GB330 GC900 GC900 Viewty GC900f GC990 Louvre GC990 GD330 GD510 Hopper GD510 Pop GD510 Rumor Touch
GD510 Solar GD510 GD550 Pure GD550 GD570 GD580 Lolipop GD580 GD710 Shine 2 GD710 GD880 Mini
GD880 GD900 Crystal GD900 GD910 Glance VX7100 GM210 Adagio GM210 GM310 GM360 Bali GM360 Snap
GM360 GM360 Viewty Snap GM360i GM630 GM750 Layla GM750 Gossip GR500 GR500 Xenon GR500fd
GR500r GS105 GS170 GS290 Cookie Fresh GS290 Spice GS290 GS390 GS500 Cookie Plus GS500 Sentio GS500
GS505 Sentio GS505 GT350 Etna Plus GT350 GT360 GT400 GT405 GT405 Viewty GT500 Puccini GT500
GT505 GT540 Loop GT540 Optimus GT540 Swift GT540 GT540f Optimus GT550 Encore GT550 GT810 GU200
GU230 Dimsun GU230 GU280 Popcorn GU280 GU285 Popcorn GU285 GW300 Etna 2 GW300 Gossip GW300 GW300 Viewty
GW520 Breeze GW520 Calisto GW520 Etna GW520 GW550 Times GW550 GW620 Etna GW620 Eve GW620 Link Me GW620
GW620f GW620g GW620r GW825 IQ GW825 GW880 GW990 HB620 HB620t Invision
IQ KB620 KB770 KC550 KC910 Renoir KC910 KC910i KE260 KE500 KE520
KE590 I-Mode KE590 KE770 Shine KE770 KE800 Chocolate KE800 KE820 Chocolate KE820 KE850 Parada KE850
KE970 Shine KE970 KE990 KE990 Viewty KE990c KF240 KF240c KF245 KF245c KF300
KF310 KF311 KF390 KF390q KF510 KF510c KF600 KF600 Venus KF700 KF700 Virgo
KF701 KF720 KF750 aka KF750 Secret KF750 KF755 Secret KF755 KF755c Secret KF755c KF755d
KF757 Secret KF757 KF900 Prada KF900 KF910 KG120 KG210 KG220 KG230 KG240
KG240c KG245 KG270 KG275 KG280 KG290 KG300 Dynamite KG300 KG320 KG330
KG70 Shine KG70 KG70c KG800 Chocolate KG800 KG810 KG90 Chocolate KG90 KH5200 Andro1 KM330
KM380 KM500 KM501 KM570 Cookie KM570 Live KM570 KM710 Shine KM710 KM900 KM900g
KM900qa Arena KP100 KP110 KP110a KP115 KP130 KP170 KP210 Aries KP210 KP210a
KP220 KP230 KP235 KP260 KP265 KP265d KP270 KP275 KP320 KP330
KP500 Cookie KP500 KP501 Cookie KP501 KP502 Cookie KP502 KP505 KP570 Cafe KP570 Cookie KP570
KP570a KS20 KS360 KS500 KS750 KT220 KT520 KT770 KU250 KU311
KU380 Javelin KU380 KU385 KU450 KU580 Hero KU580 KU800 Chocolate KU800 KU970 Shine KU970
KU990 KU990 Viewty KU990i KU990i Viewty L1100 L1150 L1200 L3100 L600v LF1200
LN510 Loop LX265 Rumor2 LX265 LX290 LX550 LX570 Muziq LX570 M1200 Madison
Maximo One ME240 ME240q ME500 Musicam ME500 ME540 Maxicam ME540 ME550 Cosmo ME550 ME550c
ME770 Shine ME770 ME850 Parada ME850 ME970 Shine ME970 ME970 ME970d MG100 MG110
MG160 MG170 MG210 MG220 MG230 Black Crystal MG230 MG270 MG280 Chocolate MG280 MG280d
MG300 MG320 Black Slim MG320 MG800 Chocolate MG800 MG810 MX240 Optimus 7 Optimus Chic Optimus One
P500 Maximo One P500 Optimus One P500 P500 Parada Prime Prime GS390 Rumor Touch S5200 S5300
SC300 SC330 SD330 SD500 SD910 Secret Shine Plus SHINE Series SU910 SV280
SV300 SV360 SV590 I-Mode T5100 T7250 TE365 TE365f TG300 TG800 Chocolate TG800
TG800f TM210 TM510 TM520 TU330 Globus TU330 TU500 TU550 TU720 SHINE TU720
TU750 Secret TU750 TU915 U300 U310 U400 Shine U400 U8110 U8120 U8130
U8138 U8150 U8180 U8210 U830 U8330 U8360 U8380 U8500 U880
U970 Shine U970 U990 Shine U990 U990 Viewty UX210 UX245 UX265 UX280 UX280 Wine
UX300 UX380 Venus Virgo VU VX5200 VX5300 VX5400 VX8500 Chocolate VX8500
W3100 W5200 W5220 W5300 W5400 W7020 Xenon